If you are committed with running and need help improving your performance, this is the right project for you!

We have different options that can help you grow in sports: training prescription; training camps; weekends with one-on-one technical support or actual trainings with our team of athletes.

Join the team!

While this may not be an easy process, it is certainly not an impossible one!

It is very important to us to keep a small group, true to our principles and way of being in life and in training. These are ethical principles, values and ways of relating to others that we see as indispensable. We do not mean to place ourselves above anyone else, we simply believe those ethical standards are above any genetic or sportive potential.

You should ask yourself if you know what you want, and if you are willing to follow strict training principles.

If you believe you gather most of these conditions and have talent for running, why don´t you contact us?

Licinio Pimentel

Rui Pinto

José Moreira

Training camps

If you want to participate in training camps with our technical team and athletes, contact us.

Let us know when you can join us, and we will take care of the rest (hotel, food, transportation) and we will submit you a budget. You will have the possibility of knowing our work dynamics, get advices, train with our group and receive technical information that you will be able to use in your future trainings.

We are confident you will realize that we are doing more than just prescribing or controlling your training, and that we make sure that you will leave this training camp with relevant technical information.

Training weekends

If the weekend is the only time you can be with us, come and join us then!

Payment may include the stay and will allow you to enjoy the weekend with both our technical team and athlete group.

Starting time will be Friday at 5PM and leaving time will be Sunday after lunch. This will include four training sessions customized just for you; two 1h technical sessions where you can ask questions and learn more about training.


If you have questions, please use let us know!

Pedro Palma

Vanessa Fernandes