We support some of the best Portuguese runners and develop a technical support systeam in running for any performance level

We have prepared a technical service, based on attested training modelsthat will make you improve your performance, avoid injuries and be amazed at your results

coaching team

Through this project, you will access to a technical team wich is also responsible for the athletes work. This team will develop the best training strategies, according to your sports history and to the goals defined for you. The team is managed by Paulo Colaço, and the coaches are Marisa Vieira, Federico Pizzuto, Manuel Vitor, Margarida Barros e Sofia Almeida.

training prescription

The prescription of training sessions happens after we met each runner. If you live outside of Portugal, your involvement in this project can only be possible if you visit Oporto. We do not consider this a difficulty, because you will have the chance to know a fantastic city and the opportunity to join  an innovative project of running technical support. Through your coming, we get to know your past experiences, make some assessment tests, know your current level of fitness and set common goals. Then you will receive on your email your workouts, with information about volumes and running intensities, the frequency of training sessions, muscle strengthening exercises, injury prevention training and specific training sessions to meet your objectives. If you also intend to participate in competitions, the proposed training will take into account those competitions in order to accomplish it safely, with the maximum of comfort, if possible with better final results. The training recommendation will be individualized and constructed over time according to the progression of each runner. Thereafter, we will suggest another visit to Oporto in order to do new assessments.


All the prescribed training will be supported by an initial assessment of several parameters that will aim to individualize your training process. We intend to improve your running aerobic performance in the race and other skills that must be worked on a regular basis. For this, you need to visit Oporto, preferably on a weekend, to work with us, at least on our first contact.

geographic location

This work may cover any city in any country. We just need to know every runner and, for that reason a trip to Oporto is required. The transport to Oporto is increasingly easy, with several flights mainly trough low cost companies allowing us to know each practitioner before sending any workout plan.

effective support to the development of our project

All the payments to our technical support services, will be used to improve our training process and to develop the run4excellence project. This is a non-profit project of runners and coaches through which we seek to improve our working conditions by investing all profits on running. It is very important for us that each runner understands that by subscribing this training system will simultaneously help our training group and our projects.

This project is not formatted from a business perspective and for this reason all the financial gains are invested in the training process of our elite athletes, technical framework and in running research projects.


Training modules (for non-resident practitioners in Portugal. For residents in Portugal, click here).

Web Runners (15€/month ou 100€/year):

     - Online technical support system - This system does not involve the preparation of training plans, but allows you to see answered any questions about the preparation of your own training. Through this system it is possible to exchange e-mails (up to 10 a month) that can help you to organize your sessions, clarify some doubts and collect our opinion on difficulties encountered in the preparation of your workout plans.

Training prescription (50€/month):

          - Initial assessment

          - Training organization and planning according to the defined objectives.

          - Guaranteed technical support in any Oporto visit.

Supporters (15€/month-minimum):

     - Support system the elite athletes group - We want that people willing to support the daily work of our athletes to do so even if for various reasons they do not wish to join the technical support system or because they simply do not run regularly. Anyone involved with this support will be giving a precious help for the development of the entire Run4Excellence project particularly to the elite athletes group (http://run4excellence.com/run2win/apoiantes.html).


If this working model looks interesting to you in order to help you improve your  running performance while contributing to improved the training process of our elite athletes and the entire project run4excellence project, please contact us. In the form on your right, you can put your questions, suggestions and ask to join this service